Analyse des circuits à semi-conducteurs Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF - Électromécanique des systèmes automatisés

mercredi 6 mai 2020

Analyse des circuits à semi-conducteurs Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

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Analyse des circuits à semi-conducteurs  Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF
Analyse des circuits à semi-conducteurs  Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Analyse des circuits à semi-conducteurs   ESA-OFPPT-PDF

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Following the analysis of this website, I was able to explain to CUPE 4475 members my


skills in web development, what I could do and what I could do


for their website.


Then I was able to submit recommendations to them regarding the structure and layout of the


website that I was going to realize but also functionalities that we could bring to the webpage


web as well and its presentation. Standard later, I was able to explain to them how the project was going to go.




Some apprehensions were on the program before this meeting. But last, more


the needs of CUPE 4475 as well as my recommendations that I addressed and the enthusiasm


members of the executive. We started and gave shape to the outfit project.


The area region does not have an IT administration or a person with


computer skills, I had to carry out all of my missions all out


autonomy without any support. Throughout my internship, I had to be autonomous, creative,


serious, adaptable and self-taught.


b) Project constraints


The constraints were essential to define them before the start of the origination of the site


web. Indeed, the project just born, the constraints were essential to define, which


allowed to establish rules in the origination of the website in order to know in which


race the beginning of the origination of the webpage web was going to head.


Here are its constraints:


- The site must be basic in use and road, whether in its


features or whether it's in child content.


In fact, most of the members of CUPE 4475 have no knowledge of


computer science. The in addition to basic to attract all or all of CUPE members


4475 is firstly to facilitate the route in addition to conceivable then standard the continuation of rendering


available in one or two clicks the information sought within the site.


- Be comprehensive enough to facilitate correspondence between the union and their


members (creation of forms, sending of sends in the form of a newsletter).


Indeed, the simplicity of use and route mentioned above should not


not be negative factors regarding the richness of the site content. All of the


CUPE 4475's archives will be made available as PDF, whether


calendars or be records concerning Health and Safety at Work. A


form look system will allow CUPE 4475 executive members


send an email in the form of a pamphlet to all members registered on the website.


A professional plan: it must be sufficiently attractive, interactive and interesting


to give the user the desire to access the registration area of ​​the site.


For this, an introductory page in the form of an animation will be produced in Flash. Additionally, the


site map will be clean and clear containing the colors of the area region.


c) Training in new languages


Being at the level in HTML 5 and CSS 3, it allowed me to start origination


and the structure of the webpage quite easily.


Similarly, for the MySQL language which derives from the SQL language which is a query language


to databases using the relational model. It allows me to build


immediately a relational database which will contain the worldwide content of the site




But in terms of making the website dynamic, I needed to learn two


new languages ​​which are PHP language and JavaScript language. The PHP language is a


web programming language executed on the server side and not on the customer side like the language




I realized contents in PHP in order to send requests to mama MySQL database to put


display content dynamically. All of my contents have in addition to or less the same


structure: I connect to mama MySQL database, then I create and execute mama query and finally


I display the result.


For the JavaScript part, I implemented functions in this language especially for


energize forms and perform right processing when sending




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