Les Transistors Cours Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Les Transistors Cours Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Les Transistors Cours Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Les Transistors Cours   ESA-OFPPT-PDF

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Management rules:


o A student can register in one and only one group.

o A group belongs to one and only one sector.

o A sector can contain one or more groups.

o A course can contain one or more modules.

o A module can contain one or more elements.

o An element can author one and only one module.

o An element can be studied in one or more sessions.

o A teacher can lead one or more sessions on different dates.

o A session is to teach by one and only one teacher.

o a session takes place in one and only one room.

o A student may be missing in Zero or more sessions.

o A session can be missed by Zero or several students.

o A student can take one or more exams in one or more elements.

Conceptual Model of Treatment:

The event 'registration request' triggers the operation 'check dossier' this operation has two transmissions 'refused' which results in the event 'dossier rejected' and 'accepted' which results in the event 'request accepted' '.


The event 'request accepted' and the event 'payment' triggers the operation 'engraving' this operation has the emission 'always' which results in the event 'provide a code to the student' this event triggers l 'operation' assign the student to a group 'this operation has the program' always' which results in the event 'list of groups'. This event triggers the operation' verification of absence 'and also triggers the 'operation to' correct the copies'. This operation has the emission 'always' which makes it possible to give the event note, and this latter triggers the operation of' general average '.


- Software used:

Our project consists in computerizing the tasks of tuition administration such as: registration management, session management and grade management. For this we used the following software:



Visual studio2008 is a powerful programming system for developing applications that can be fully exploited the user interface. The interest of this language is to be able to associate with the elements of the interface code partitions associated with events.


AMC Strength

Force AMC is a software that allowed us to model the different models of our project.


SQL SERVER: Is a RDBMS based on the SQL exchange language which helps us to design and develop the relational database and the exchanges which allow us to update the data.

The “EMSI” school which is located in flap is a private school of computer system which allows previous computer engineers.


With an area of ​​2500m².

With a capacity of 500 students.

The “EMSI” school guarantees quality bilingual education based on modern and innovative teaching methods while agreeing a particular interest in IT and network and telecommunication development.

Project portrayal

We are going to make for the private school "EMSI" and its school administration an application which allows to manage its administrations:

registration administration.

Course management administration.

Absence management administration.

Notes management administration.

Our tight clamp application to help student administration staff to manage student enrollment well, that is, to assign each student to a group during a school year, also managing the grades of each student. à-critical assign each student a note compared to each subject and also the general note of each student to the addition that our application also manages the courses of each group that is to desperate the room, the teacher, the subject and the date and also manages the absence of students in each session

1 /: Specifications:

We want to computerize the management of students in a private school that offers professional development in computer science.

The school arranges 40 rooms, 30 of which are computer rooms equipped with computer equipment. Each room has a variation capacity of 20 to 35 spots.

The cost of the arrangement is 4000 dh standard month, the students have the choice to pay either in cash or standard check or standard a bank card.

Registration is done by filling in a form that includes the option and the desired course as well as the student's information such as child CNE, name, tel, year of baccalaureate and child address in the school administration. The choices are: computer engineering, network and telecommunications and management IT. The courses are: bac + 2; +3; +5

The option is made up of several modules, and one module contains several courses characterized by a name and an hourly weight. The general average of u n module is make of 2 proceed control (25%) and a blade module exam (half).

The module is validated with a grade greater than or equal to 10, the student has the right to catch up if he has obtained a grade between 5 and 9.

A course cannot be provided by several teachers. The courses are identified by the name of the teacher. Some teachers provide several types of courses (algorithm, poo, ...), the teacher is characterized essentially by standard child CIN, a name and a phone number.


To assign a lesson to a room and to a teacher, we want to be able to verify that the teacher does not have lessons simultaneously for another group.


Regarding the management of unlucky deficiencies, the current manual processing is as follows: a daily attendance sheet, marked with the week number and the name of the day, circulates from teacher to teacher during the day. When the administration is informed of a student's non-appearance before the start of the lessons, it reports the "Excused" notice on the student's line, for each lesson concerned. Each teacher reports the list and the number of absences not excused and noted during the course. The attendance sheet returns to the administration in day blade. All textual style unjustified non-expectations the subject of a letter addressed to the guardians, indicating the days and hours of absence of the student. A student can be missing from a course without being missing during the day. A nonappearance to a special course can be justified in advance (dentist appointment ...).


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