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Politique d'utilisation

Usage policy

Hello to all my followers and visited the blog Électromécanique des systèmes automatisés
There is no doubt for our honorable visitor that you are one of the blog's priorities, and we always hope that you will communicate with us and always try to be when we think well.
But at the beginning, we would like to draw your attention to some very important points that we ask you to respect.

First of all, Électromécanique des systèmes automatisés Blog is a technical educational blog interested in providing topics and explanations in this area.
You can get to know the blog better by visiting the Who We Are page.
Therefore, no visitor or member is allowed to violate the following conditions:

  • Using comments to promote people or organizations is prohibited.
  •   Prevents infringement to others, whether people or entities, verbal or similar.
  • It is forbidden to post any pornographic content or to wear any type of nudity or anything that contradicts the teachings of true religion.
  •   It is forbidden to use the blog to promote extremist, religious or ethnic ideas.
  •   It is forbidden to place links to external sites, whether public or personal.

  • In addition, these conditions must be respected and are not subject to discussion, and can also be renewed and modified at any time.
    We hope everyone adheres to these conditions
    Until everyone's benefit lasts.

    Thank you.