Examens Corrigés Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF - Électromécanique des systèmes automatisés

 Examens Corrigés Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Examens Corrigés Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

 Examens Corrigés ESA-OFPPT-PDF



These two spells of upkeep remedial are based on 2 ideas:




• Functional diagrams, cause tree: this approach makes it possible to find the origin of the failure by following a tree structure


• Tables of cause, effect, remedy type (AMDEC scene: Analyze Failure Mode of their Effect and Criticality).


• Tests: to ensure that the machine operates normally.




This is the internship that follows the indicative and allows the system to return to proper operation.


In this internship you must determine:


• The various repair work placements.


• The time required for repair.


• The means of execution during the repair.


Preventive support


Preventive support consists of working on equipment before it fails.


It aims to:


• Reduce emergency intercessions.


• Avoid periods of malfunction before failure.


• Make repair conceivable.


• Increase the level of security.


Two types of preventive support systems:


1-Systematic preventive maintenance (periodic):


It includes periodic investigations and mediations planned according to a schedule to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.


Its objective is:


• Determine the plausible cost of upkeep.


• To choose the frequencies of intervention on a system.


• Plan tasks and reinforce security measures.


2-Conditional preventive maintenance:


Carried out following readings, measurements, checks revealing the state of degradation of the equipment.


It sever in addition to effective detection of faults, improves availability by scheduling operations.


Its objective is:


• Avoid unnecessary disassembly linked to systematic support, which can cause failures


• Increase the security of people.


• Avoid emergency intercessions following the evolution of the beginning of anomalies.


The evaluation of the naughty


The choice of support policy depends on several criteria:


Certain machine failures can cause very significant consequences on the profitability of the company, they can cause:


• Poor quality products, defective in particular because of stops and restarts.


• Work stoppages causing delivery impedes, which can lead to the payment of penalties.


• Discharges which pollute the environment and threaten the life of people.


Depending on the influence of breakdowns, the risks can be classified as follows:


• Unacceptable risk: we must remove the causes of failure and remove the effects of residual failures, we base ourselves on the idea of ​​conditional preventive upkeep.


• Risk worthy if limited: a choice must be made between systematic preventive support and conditional upkeep.


• Risk worthy: in this case you can choose the restorative support.


Load the machine


According to this criterion, it is the load and the capacity of the machine that count. The influence of a machine failure varies depending on the machine load:


• If the machine is fully charged then it is preferable to avoid failures, here we use the preventive upkeep.


• If the machine has a low load, we use a restorative upkeep policy.


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