Usinage sur machines outils Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Usinage sur machines outils  Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Usinage sur machines outils  Électromécanique des Systèmes Automatisées-ESA-OFPPT-PDF

Usinage sur machines outils   ESA-OFPPT-PDF

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Bioclimates: in its natural stations, cupressus sempervirens var. atlantica is located in the semi-arid floor with a cool variant; in large map books, it even enters the cold variant. The cupressus sempervirens has been planted almost everywhere in Morocco; it is found in gardens on the Saharan floor and the lower arid. In dry it will show up to maintain itself in the upper arid provided that the soils are sufficiently deep. It can go back up to the humid floor but in this case it fears the cold variant.

Rainfall: 250-1500 mm.

Temperature :

C.sempervirens m.a about - 10 ° C.

C.sempervirens var.atlantica m.a around - 15 ° C.

Wind: very good resistance, hence child uses as a windbreak.


Soils: species indifferent to the body and chemical qualities of the soil. It does not do well on deep sands as well as on soils with a high clay content; reasonable to hydromorphy.

Use: horizontal variety of the Mediterranean cypress is mainly used as a windbreak, in the plains and low mountains; the fastigied variety is an ornamental species.

The Atlas cypress is a real form of reforestation forest. This mountaineer with an elegant, conical, very straight port, is one of the few trees that is at ease in the cool, even cold semi-arid, up to 1800-2000 m altitude, while supporting soils quite superficial. In return for its remarkable rusticity, it has been used too little in reforestation.

Juvenile state: seedling with (sometimes 3) cotyledons. The first shoots have needle-like needles.

Neighboring species: Cupressus dupreziana A. Camus, which differs from the evergreen cupressus by its twigs arranged in 1 plane. The cones are ovoid; 12-24x 10-17 mm.

Origins: eastern Mediterranean - Cyrenaic - Tunisia. The cupressus sempervirens var. Atlantia is endemic to Morocco and cupressus dupreziana is native to Algeria.


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